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Bosch Industrial


over 150 years

Bosch Industriekessel GmbH


The successful history of Bosch Industriekessel began with its founding in 1865. Today the company continues to be synonymous with the highest levels of expertise in industrial boiler construction.

Company founded by Philipp Loos in Neustadt (Palatinate).

Relocation to Offenbach am Main owing to steady company growth.

Theodor Loos establishes "Eisenwerk Theodor Loos GmbH" in Gunzenhausen (Bavaria). Starts to develop series production of industrial boilers.

Patent application for the horizontal 3-pass flame and smoke tube boiler with internal water-flushed rear flue gas reversing chamber.

Expansion of factory at Schlungenhof, Gunzenhausen for the production of medium-sized boilers.

Expansion of factory at Bischofshofen, Austria.

Founding of Loos Austria in Bischofshofen, Austria.

The world's first deployment of a numerically controlled flame cutting machine in steam boiler manufacturing.

The company's development and production of its own electronic boiler control and safety systems leads to significant safety improvements in the operation of steam boilers.

Commissioning of a CNC-controlled sheet metal processing centre and electronic production planning system.

Loos becomes more active internationally, establishing a branch of its own in Asia. Over the next few years, numerous new sales subsidiaries and representative offices are set up all over the world.

The company supplies its 50,000th boiler.

Commissioning of the first welding robot for shell boilers for the fully automatic exterior welding of the boiler body.

Development and market launch of a new PLC-based boiler control.

The newly developed System Control is launched to complement the existing boiler control.

Launch of the water analyzer.

The company adds Teleservice to its range of customer services.

Modern scalable control systems and standard bus systems permit the smooth integration of different boilers and modules.

The production hall at the plant in Schlungenhof, Gunzenhausen is expanded due to increased production.

Ceremony to celebrate the inauguration of a new hall, the handover of the 100,000th Loos boiler to the end customer, and the company's 140th anniversary.

Worldwide demand for high-quality boiler systems is such that another production hall is built in Schlungenhof specifically for the production of industrial boilers.

Development and market launch of a next-generation boiler control and system control.

Launch of the new Universal Modular Boiler (U-MB) steam boiler series in the high output range from 200 to 2,000 kg/h. This marks Loos' transition to a sole focus on shell boilers and the associated modular technology.

Loos becomes a subsidiary of Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH.

Loos Deutschland GmbH and Loos Austria GmbH are renamed "Bosch Industriekessel GmbH" and "Bosch Industriekessel Austria GmbH" respectively.

Bosch Industriekessel products are sold under the Bosch brand name for the first time.

A special company anniversary: 150 years - passion for power



Manufacturing sites

Our modern production facilities in Germany, Austria and Russia ensure that our systems have a quality advantage, which is confirmed by the official quality seals of almost all the approval bodies and certification institutes in the world. Every year we produce over 1,500 boiler systems for industry and business. Our advanced production machinery, including automatic welding machines and welding robots, submerged arc welding machines, rollers, plasma cutters, various bending machines or the ultra-modern X-ray and ultrasound stations ensure efficient production to the highest possible quality levels.

Gunzenhausen, Plant 1

At our site in Gunzenhausen in Bavaria, Germany, we produce our boiler house modules and components.

Gunzenhausen-Schlungenhof, Plant 2

Our steam boilers in the output range from 175 kg/h to 55,000 kg/h, hot water boilers from 820 kW to 38,000 kW and heating boilers from 14,000 to 19,200 kW are produced at Plant 2 in Gunzenhausen-Schlungenhof.

Bischofshofen, Plant 3


In Bischofshofen, Austria, we produce our heating and hot water boilers in the output range from 650 kW to 12,600 kW.

Engels, Plant 4


Our heating boilers in the output range from 2,500 kW to 12,600 kW are produced for the Russian market at Plant 4 in Engels, Russia.

Plant 1 Gunzenhausen with Head Office
Bosch Industriekessel GmbH
Nuernberger Straße 73
91710 Gunzenhausen
Tel. +49 9831 56-0

Plant 2 Schlungenhof
Bosch Industriekessel GmbH
Ansbacher Straße 44
91710 Gunzenhausen
Tel. +49 9831 56-0

Plant 3 Bischofshofen
Bosch Industriekessel Austria GmbH
Haldenweg 7
5500 Bischofshofen
Tel. +43 6462 2527-0

Plant 4 Engels
«Bosch Heating Systems» LLC
Friedrich Engels Prospect, 139
413105, Engels
Tel. +7 8453 51 54 08