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Bosch Industrial



Returns and refunds

If you wish to return a consignment, or a part thereof, please complete the return form in full and enclose it with your consignment. You will find this form included with each of our delivery documents, or on our homepage, as download, or you can request it directly from our replacement parts service.

If new parts are returned for crediting, a deduction of 65.00 euros per consignment is usually made in order to cover processing, shipping and packaging costs. Return consignments are excluded for wear parts, specially fabricated parts, and special items.

Through a another procedure related to your return consignment, we will inform you when the consignment has been received at our spare parts warehouse.


Delivery information

Delivery options

The delivery options available for you are shown in the "Check-out area" under "Delivery method".

Depending on the delivery address, some of these options may not be available.

Pickup the goods can be collected from our spare parts warehouse.

Standard deliverydelivery free of charge within 1 or 2 working days (package weight 30 kg or less, in Germany).

Other type of delivery this option is not usually available and is enabled only in certain cases (package weight over 30 kg, shipment abroad).

  • If your consignment is heavier than 30 kg, it can no longer be delivered through our standard transport service provider. In this case, we will send you the new terms of delivery for final order confirmation or cancellation.


    Please note that the related delivery times are treated as connection times in our processing procedure.


    Delivery times & charges

    • Consignments to addresses in Germany are delivered on Monday to Friday from 8:00h to 18:00h (except on public holidays).
    • For deliveries outside of the above times, please contact our 24 hour spare parts hotline.
    • Orders for more than one item can be delivered in a number of different packages at different times.


    Order tracking information

    It is the transport company who is responsible for the tracking details regarding delivery of your consignment on the related conditions. Depending on the shipment service provider, the type and frequency of notifications and depth of information can vary or may be absent. If your consignment has to be sent by freight forwarding, tracking of package status is not possible.

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Use of the webshop is possible only after you have registered and we have activated your account. A contact person has to be nominated during registration at the webshop. You must ensure that the contact person has consented to share his/her data with us. Under-age persons and anyone whose access has been permanently blocked are not allowed to register.

If certain data (especially contact information and payment details) are required for registration or in order to use the webshop, this data must be entered correctly and in full. If there are changes to this data during the course of your user relationship with the webshop, please send the new data by e-mail to the following e-mail address:

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Your online account

1. You must immediately change the initial password, which was sent to you in the activation e-mail, to a new password of your choice. 

2. Your access data, including the password for administrator rights and for subordinate users set up by you, must be kept confidential and under no circumstances disclosed to unauthorised third parties. Subordinate users set up by you must be obliged to comply with the terms and conditions of use.

3. You are also responsible for ensuring that the webshop is accessed exclusively by yourself and/or the subordinate users you have set up and the persons you have authorised (e.g. your employees). If you suspect that your access data is or will become known to unauthorised third parties, or you become aware of illegal or inappropriate use, or use in breach of contract, or any other unauthorised use of the webshop, you must notify Bosch immediately by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address:

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In principle, deliveries can be made to any country in the world. For consignments abroad, our special shipment service becomes available. In this case, select the "Other type of delivery" option in the ordering process. With this delivery option, shipment is not costed at the initial step. However, the "Other type of delivery" option is applied in the case of shipments abroad, which means that the shipment costs are calculated in the background by our logistics team based on your order and the stated delivery address.

The total price calculation, including itemised shipment costs, are sent to you by e-mail immediately after your order is made. The price offer for the related order can then be either confirmed or rejected.

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Product and general information

Due to the large number of different items, not all spare parts that we offer are available through the webshop. Please contact us on our spare parts hotline or at the following e-mail address:

The product illustrations shown in our webshop are the property of Bosch Industriekessel GmbH and must not be appropriated for other purposes.

In certain cases, the product description includes the mention "similar to illustration". This phrase is intended to call your attention to the fact that the related product illustration is not an exact representation of the material described. The illustration shows a product which resembles the named product very closely.

The listed product details are taken from the product master data used inside our organisation and are not a direct representation of the manufacturer's specifications. We must point out that we cannot accept any liability for errors in these product details.

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  • 24-h Ersatzteil-Hotline:
    +49 180 5010540*


  • 24-hour spare parts hotline:
  • +49 180 5667468*


  • * 0.14 Euro/min. from a German landline.
    Maximum mobile phone price: 0.42 euro/min.
    Different charges may apply for international connections.